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THE UNITED FRONT: Consistent Co-Parenting is Essential for Raising Well – Behaved Children

Co-parenting refers to how parents work together in raising their children.

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Careful of The Emptiness of COVID – 19: Disinfect Your Fear Based Reactions with a Values Grounded Response

COVID – 19 has struck fear into the hearts of most, and people have reacted and not so much responded. This blog is an effort to respond versus react.

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A Four Step Guide to ‘Quarantine Parenting’ – Step 3: Teach Values and Build Character

Within the Values Grounded Framework, it is assumed that we all have these positive values deep inside us.

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A Four Step Guide to ‘Quarantine Parenting’ – Step 1: Developing Your Plan

During these times of change and uncertainty, a clear plan provides reassurance and security for your kids.

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Intro to the Four Step Guide to ‘Quarantine Parenting’

There have a multitude of changes during our current health crises. Most notably, our work and school routines have been disrupted.

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Addressing the Issue of Pornography

In this real world example, a father addresses the issue of pornography with his son.

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Pleasure versus Happiness: Raising Joyful Children

Children often see pleasure and happiness as one in the same.

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FEAR BASED PARENTING: Managing Fear or Being Managed by Fear?

Although fear can be useful in alerting us to a threat against our kids, it also can transform a balanced parent into a hovering, helicopter parent.

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YOUR PARENTING VISION: What do you want to accomplish in raising your children and Why?

Since it is our role as parents to guide our children, we have to ask, What is guiding us?

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