Speaking & Training

Speaking & Training

Bring Values Grounded Parenting to Your Organization

For Workshops / Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Specific Training and Presentations Include:


Parent Skills Training

Effective Communication

  • Follow 5 C's

Conflict Management/Resolution

  • Use Conflict as a Catalyst to Grow and Learn
  • Manure Theory of Mistakes

Positive Behavior Management

  • Developmentally Meaningful Ways to Reinforce Growing Up versus Growing Down

Family Culture

  • Define Your Culture rather than Being Defined by Culture

Fatherhood in the family

  • Strength of the Father

For Public Schools, Private Schools, and Charter Schools

Educational, Clinical, and Administrative Staff, and Transportation Departments

Specific Training and Presentations Include:

The Values-Grounded Learning Environment (VGLE) Curriculum

Positive Behavior Management

  • Increase On Task Behavior
  • Increase Cooperation Among Students and Between Staff and Students
  • Developmentally Meaningful Ways of Supporting Your Students in Growing Up versus Growing Down

Productive Conflict

  • Conflict Management/Resolution
  • A Model that Teaches Ways to Use Conflict as a
  • Catalyst for Growth and Learning
  • Reduce Liability and Grow Resilience

For Organizations

Specific Training and Presentations Include:


Team Building based on the TEAM Program Curriculum

  • Great for Staff Retreats
  • Identify Strengths and Positive Qualities within Your Team and Explore Ways to Integrate and Grow These Strengths in Day to Day Work

Culture Building

Development of Vision and Mission

  • Collaborative Process of Clarifying Your Organization's Vision and Mission

Development of Core Values

  • Identify Positive Values that Represent Your Company
  • Identify Behaviors that Align with Values

Productive Conflict

  • Conflict Management/Resolution with Staff & Customers
  • Manage Conflict and Limit Liability
  • Use Conflict Productively as Means to Grow and Learn as an Team / Organization

Private Consulting