Teaching Values Is Like Home Cooking Versus Microwaved Meal

Teaching and developing values is much like home cooking versus microwave meals. It requires purposeful and deliberate effort with continued practice.

We live in a fast-food culture where most of us want things right away with little to no waiting. We become easily impatient if we have to wait, regardless of the matter.

⚠️SPOILER ALERT: Practicing your values takes time, persistence, and patience. If you rush and take shortcuts, you risk watering down accountability.

Like home cooking, practicing accountability as a Values Grounded Parent takes time, yet the process and outcome are hearty and quite healthy.

If you try to rush raising your kids and growing your values, you will likely end up with a “microwaved meal” lacking essential nutrients.

Just like the carefully layered ingredients in a crock-pot dish, nurturing your family values cultivates rich and fulfilling results.