Our Values Shape Our Behavior, Relationships and Identity

Within the context of Values Grounded Parenting, a value represents an important core belief that influences and shapes your behavior, relationships, and identity.

Let’s say a 4-year-old child screams “NO” when her mother reminds her that it is time to leave the playground.

The mother practices the value of respect by responding to her daughter’s protest in a calm, RESPECTFUL, and firm way.

“I understand it is hard to leave (validate). Please think about your words and be respectful, which means talking nicely. We need to leave now. So, please put your shoes on and walk with me to the car.”

The mother modeled respect by using a calm, focused tone while redirecting her daughter. She validated her daughter’s stress of having to leave the playground and did not let the emotion of the situation overshadow the importance of modeling and teaching respect.
How do your values shape and influence your behavior, relationships, and identity?

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