Developing Your Shared Vision

Meet with your partner and write out your shared vision statement. If you are a single parent, meet with a trusted adult(s)/ family member and do the same.

Some basics in developing a vision:

Keep it brief-no more than a couple of sentences (get right to the point so you can easily recall and use your vision to guide you, especially when you are dealing with stressful circumstances).

Keep it simple with proactive and positive words (what will you be doing versus what not to do).

What is the end result you are hoping for? Make sure your vision statement addresses the future goal.

Make sure that it is aligned with your parenting purpose as identified in the earlier activity.

Remember it is a shared vision, so discuss with your co-parent and identify common ground that guides your day-to- day actions.

Don’t sweat it if it is not perfect. After writing it down, put it to the side for the night and then re-read it the following day. Tweak and refine it as needed.

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