Practicing Accountability

African American father talking to his teen son.

Here are some tips and suggestions for practicing accountability:

Write down your house rules/behavior expectations and post them so everyone sees them and holds each other accountable. Be consistent with boundaries, limits, and discipline. Maintain a United Front with your spouse/partner-back them up in their efforts at reinforcing the rules.

Take the lead at demonstrating the values of respect, gratitude, humility, and accountability.

Use an organizer and daily to-do lists to increase follow-through.

When asking your children to do various tasks, take the time to follow up with them to ensure accountability. Keep an accountability jar at home.

✓ Every time you catch your kids being accountable, put a marble in it. Once the jar is filled, you do a fun family activity together.

✓ Even if your children goof up and make a mistake, if they are accountable, they still earn a marble.

Do monthly one-on-one activities with your kids, for example, taking a neighborhood walk, having breakfast, hiking, playing a board game, and so on. During your one-on-one time, ask for your child’s feedback on how you are doing as a parent (this feedback is an accountability check on how well you are practicing and modeling the values for your kids).

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