What’s Your Style?

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Write down your thoughts and responses to the following questions:

Think about three positives of both you and your partner’s parenting style. Take some scratch paper and write each positive on a separate piece of paper, fold it in half, and put it in a bag. Be sure to indicate if the positive is yours or your partners. Next, following the same directions, write down three areas of improvement for you and your partner with regard to parenting style and put these in the bag. For single parents, do this activity with a trusted adult(s). Ask them to write positives of your parenting style and areas to improve.

Take turns picking out and discussing one piece at a time. Next, discuss how you can support the other’s unique style in your day-to-day parenting routine.

As you have this conversation, be mindful to not be judgmental or sarcastic. Remember, if you want your co-parent to be open to feedback, you must be open to feedback as well. By identifying certain skills that you can improve as a parent, you open the door for improvement and growth.

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