It Is a Terrible Thing to See and Have No Vision

The above title comes from the words of Helen Keller. As a 19-month old toddler, she lost her vision and hearing. As a 24-year-old young woman, she earned a degree-becoming the first deaf-blind person to graduate from college. She persevered and used her vision to navigate a headwind of obstacles and challenges.  

What we see before us is often different than what we imagine could be. Our vision reflects our imagination and guides us toward opportunity and possibility – even in the midst of stressful and uncertain life circumstances. 

Vision encompasses a positive purpose. As the word ‘encompass’ indicates, our vision serves as a compass, providing consistent, reliable direction no matter the circumstances. Without it, we can easily become lost. 

Developing a clear sense of purpose to one’s life is psychologically healthy. It is especially important for parents to have a vision / positive purpose.

Yet, with that said, ”How many parents see their children, yet lack a vision for raising them?”

In our current climate of change and uncertainty, clarifying your parenting vision is more important than ever. Your life circumstances today can be quite different by next week; yet, your vision remains constant. Your kids can trust and count on the steadiness of your solid vision and positive values.

Your parenting vision also serves as a UNIFYING function – it unites you and your children with an overall, positive purpose and goal. Here are some examples of vision statements from parents:

  • To love our children and raise them with positive values to grow into confident adults
  • To help our children grow up into you adults of character.
  • To raise our kids to practice life long, positive values that will help them be ready to take on the real world.

So, what is your vision or positive purpose as a parent? What are you hoping to accomplish in raising your children / family? 

Think about the impact your parenting vision will have on your children. As your kids observe you following a clear sense of purpose, they will follow in your shoes. After all, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Undoubtedly, families from across the globe are faced with pivoting and changing course. Stand united as a family, relying on a solid vision and values that do not change with these uncertain and difficult times. 

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Stay Grounded!


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