Find Your Positive Purpose as a Parent

Discovering your positive purpose as a parent is the first step to establishing a vision for your parenting. Have you taken a moment to reflect on yours? 🌱

By committing to your positive purpose, you’ll become a visionary leader in your home, ready to navigate the twists and turns of parenthood.

Start by delving into some introspection and seeking the greater good within yourself. Ask those tough questions:
🌿What does bringing life into the world reveal to you
🌿When am I at my very best as a parent?
🌿When do I fall short as a parent?
🌿What makes me special and different from other parents?
🌿What is my purpose as a leader in my family?

Take some time to reflect, discuss with your partner, and share in the comments how a positive purpose helps you be a more effective, loving leader for your family!

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