7 Second Challenge for Dads

Hey, DADS! As Father’s Day approaches, take the 7-Second Challenge with your kids. This challenge involves a meaningful 7-second encounter with each of your children

Here are the steps:

1️⃣ Find a quiet space, look at them calmly, and tell them, “I need to share something important.”
2️⃣ While keeping eye contact, pause and let a couple of quiet seconds communicate the importance of this moment.
3️⃣ Tell them, “I love you.” Avoid watering it down by saying “love ya!” Rather, be courageous, face the vulnerability of the moment, and say all three words slowly and calmly.
4️⃣ Allow a couple of quiet seconds for you and your child to experience the warmth and closeness of the moment. Punctuate the moment with a hug.

Trust me, no matter how old or young a child may be, the power of hearing a father’s love gives them assurance, affirmation, and grounding.

So, are you ready to be the bold, courageous and loving leader your kids need you to be? Start with 3 meaningful, heartfelt words.

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